Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm in love...

with Katy Perry.
I don't know if is the summer coming or if it is because she is really pretty. Most of time, I prefer listen to a different kind of music: Indie bands, classical rock or MPB.
But Katy Perry is not about music, is about fun!

So perfect eyes! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Being quiet...

I'm looking for a silent place where I can calm down my thoughts once again. But I can't find it.
Maybe, every neighborhood should have his own coffee shop or bookstore!

Friday, September 24, 2010

This week was a crazy one! We did so many things... And I have classes this weekend, so I'll be as busy as when I'm working! 
But I'd like to share some pictures of Tiradentes, this lovely city in the country side. It was a awesome weekend and I hope have lots of opportunities to do the same again!




These pictures are from my Sony. I'll put more from my Canon!

Have really good weekend!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The magical thing about believing in God is that some days, when you think nothing is going right, you can not move, life is just something sad that you’re obligated to pass thru, well in those days God revels Himself. He remembers us we have promises and He is faithful.

I’m living this kind of period for a long time, something like two years. But deep in my heart I know I can trust Lord. My hope is based on a theory: He didn’t create me to suffer. The truth is He loves me too much to let me suffer without a purpose.

When I think about these things (the promises, my faith), I know one day this agony will end. And I’m very thankful that, besides everything, I know God, I have an awesome husband and a lovely family, who needs adjusts, but they are a gift to me.

Some days, I miss smile and I’d like to remember being completely happy not with plans or buying useless stuff, but with life itself. All that I have now are plains and my effort. I keep them in my heart close to this faith that makes me continue.

So I vowed. I’ll not buy things with no purpose and benefits only me until December. I’ll not complain about the situation or people involved in it. I’ll be positive and show some disposal to life.

I am trying, but I’ll try harder!

Oh... Later I'll show pics from our mini travel!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Most of time I feel sad with myself because I’m really a consumerist person. I want to have all that I can image and the idea of never get fulfilled makes me scared.
I can’t avoid! I always want a new book, dress, decorating stuff, cameras…
And now, I want this bike so bad!

I live in a small apartment, in a town where is not safe to walk alone. Even if you have company or want to take a risk, well it’ll be an up and down walk, because I live in a mountainous territory.

So, I want to travel, redecorate the home, a bike, and a thousand of other things. 
Am I contaminated with the consumerism of this century? Am I part of the “want to have society” that I criticize so often?

I think I need to incorporate more of the D.I.Y. philosophy! =)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is how we spent our first Anniversary.


At home


With lots of roses...  


And now I have the beater I wanted to do cakes.

Once I made a small blog about my birthday list list and told you I got the idea from Sandy B. blog. Now, she's creating a new list and I think you sould check how great her and her blog are.

Have a good week!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I saw it in my friend's Facebook profile:

Nice! Thanks Erika!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Etsy love


I hope all of you had a magical week. Here we go again for a new weekend full of compromises and fun! I promised my husband I would bake a cake for him. Lets see if I'll be able... =)

Look at this beauties I found on Etsy:

It's all from Janimie Shop. All so gorgeous that I felt in love!

I hope you enjoy your free time this weekend! =*

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Weekend results...

I use the weekend and the holyday (September 7th in Brazil is like July 4th in US) to really think and realized I’ve been so selfish these last days. I was always worried about me, my problems, my life… And blaming everyone else for a life that is not as fun as I want it to be. Well, a read a quote somewhere that says “life is not something you live, is something you do”. The huge problem is that sometimes we stop doing to wait a better moment.
We get stuck in a place because work is not good, we have an argument with our mother or we are tired. But problems don’t disappear by themselves and life is not gonna be perfect anytime after our 12 years old, you know? We’re always going to face cruel people and bad days. Well, if we don’t stop to wait things get better, we will lose it all, because life is now.
My father use to say there’s only one day of the year we can really do something: today.
I do know this is not a brand new epiphany, but it was something I didn’t realize until now.   

Oh man! Our first anniversary is coming, only three more days to go. Things are different then I though it would happen. I’ll have classes all weekend and a test. Two of our friends will celebrate their birthday too. So it will be a very busy weekend. But I think we can make time for each other a little bit. My husband is travelling a lot this week, and I really miss him.
I want our time together to be just great.
About the traveling, we decided to spend the next weekend resting in a place he knows, on the country side. Again, is not my 10 days trip, but is good to have someone with whom I can feel joyful anytime.

I need more dedication. This is a fact.
- But I’m doing the workouts, trying to eat at least four times a day and playing the acoustic guitar three or four times a week.
- I made frozen yogurt yesterday. It was very easy, but for a person who never enters the kitchen it is a good start.
- I’m working into finish the apartment decoration and doing a lot of research.
- I changed my hair, bought some cloths and really think I’m taking care of myself in better way now.
Let’s see how it goes.
A good day to everyone!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Brazilian Version of Etsy

I'd like to give you a tip!
Here in Brazil we have an online space to crafters like Etsy. The name is Elo7.
There are many beautiful and inspiring things over there. You should take a look!

I found beautiful headbands in Karline Arantes Elo7 store:

Women and the office work

I’ll be out town the next few days. I’m going to rest, sleep and use the time to put myself together. I feel like I need to do a lot of thinking. I have business unsolved with my conscious and I’m going to put me and myself to look in the eyes and make some real good decisions about which path I’ll chose to lead me to peace and happiness. I have no idea if this is slushy or very deep, but, sometimes I feel a little confuse.

The fact is I’m working with a very mean woman. That kind who thinks she can do anything to get on top. The result is that she’s ruin my team self-steam and asking my superior to dismiss all my co-workers. Why? She’s jealous and insecure. She can deal with the idea of not being the best professional over here. We’re all good, equally good! And, for the first time of me being a manager, I really believe I have wonderful people, evolved with the huge project: make it work.

I heard something these days that sounds that gave a new perspective of this situation. All women hate each other, except for your mother and grandmother. If you have a girlfriend who doesn’t hate you, she did in the past or you will someday! Ok, this is a little tragic point of view, but I have been there before. I need to say I have lovely friends, who aren’t competitive or negative. They like to share and listen, but, man, it was very hard to find them!

I want you to understand I like people, I like women, but they can transform in an office. So, if you do work in a competitive firm or business market, be careful, don’t talk too much about your personal life, concentrate and in all good things you have outside there (like family, friends, pets or anything that makes you feel happy) and you’ll survive; Oh! And of course, run away from the gossip!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010



I'm searching for ideas of colors to create that new room.  So I spent some time imagining how I wanted it to feel like: happy, feminine, calm... Then I found the perfect color combination!
I'm falling for this colors composition! I want so bad my new room become something like this:

I don't have a huge space, so I'll need few furniture, but this living room is just awesome!