Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Polaroid love

I really, really love Polaroids. Sometimes I think everybody does, because is impossible to not fall in love with that feeling of having the photo in hands in the same time you take it. So, I got thrilled when I heard about the Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera that is available for sale at Photojojo.

And the best thing is you can edit your photos before print, save it and print later, print photos from other digital camera and the Polaroid is totally afordable: US$ 299,00! Check it here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do something today!


One of the best feelings I know is to achieve a goal. Be it small or the dream of a lifetime when we get it, a deep feeling of accomplishment, peace and victory floods us in  a wonderful way. We feel encouraged to keep trying new and difficult challenges.

Living a dream is not easy. Gala Darling tells here how it was difficult for her to achieve the goal of living in NYC. This is just one example that we will sometimes strive, suffer and get frustrated a while to get there. "Living the Dream" is great, but the path to it requires courage, bravery, persistence.

Even if your goal is something simple like organize your closet, you’ll need to let go of leisure and relaxation with family to finally gain time in the future by knowing where are your cloths (not searching for them like crazy). But doing so is good, but so so good, that compensates for these small losses. These are some of the trade offs in life that make us proud of ourselves when we finally get there. Accomplish something today, and you’ll see how good it feels!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photography and self steem

I finally got to the end of my photography course. It was a great journey and I could fall in love for this lovely art again. To celebrate this new moment of life and this new achievement I'm developing a work with lots of self portraits which is about self steem and acceptance. It will be part of a small exposition my classmates and I will do to close the course.

One of mine inspiration on self portraits is Lara Jade. She's a young girl who started shotting herself and now she is this awesome fashion photographer. If you don't know her work, you should explore her site a little!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pin Up Love!


Ah... These Pin Up girls!