Friday, September 03, 2010

Women and the office work

I’ll be out town the next few days. I’m going to rest, sleep and use the time to put myself together. I feel like I need to do a lot of thinking. I have business unsolved with my conscious and I’m going to put me and myself to look in the eyes and make some real good decisions about which path I’ll chose to lead me to peace and happiness. I have no idea if this is slushy or very deep, but, sometimes I feel a little confuse.

The fact is I’m working with a very mean woman. That kind who thinks she can do anything to get on top. The result is that she’s ruin my team self-steam and asking my superior to dismiss all my co-workers. Why? She’s jealous and insecure. She can deal with the idea of not being the best professional over here. We’re all good, equally good! And, for the first time of me being a manager, I really believe I have wonderful people, evolved with the huge project: make it work.

I heard something these days that sounds that gave a new perspective of this situation. All women hate each other, except for your mother and grandmother. If you have a girlfriend who doesn’t hate you, she did in the past or you will someday! Ok, this is a little tragic point of view, but I have been there before. I need to say I have lovely friends, who aren’t competitive or negative. They like to share and listen, but, man, it was very hard to find them!

I want you to understand I like people, I like women, but they can transform in an office. So, if you do work in a competitive firm or business market, be careful, don’t talk too much about your personal life, concentrate and in all good things you have outside there (like family, friends, pets or anything that makes you feel happy) and you’ll survive; Oh! And of course, run away from the gossip!

I hope you enjoy your weekend!