Friday, January 20, 2012

10 things I love about this friday


My top 10 of this week is about 10 things I Love about being married. I think is important to tell me & hubby know each other for 12 years and are together for 9 years now, so, love and passion can really last if it is true. The ten things I learned to enjoy about being merried are:

1- Share secrets and fears with someone you trust. Because you know he loves you and will really care about what you’re saying. He will stand up for you and try to help you really hard.

2- Share a home. Have our own space, a little scenario for a particular love story. You also get a person to share the bills and responsibility. In difficult times, this partnership will be even more important.

3- Dream (or create) about a family. I love the idea of having kids with the person a love, to think about how we going to raise them to be wonderful human being  and try to change the world.

4- Multiply the number of friends. Because he get your and you get his friends!

5- Sleep together every night.

This was my bouquet!

6- Plain a thousand of trips together. And discover the world with your beloved.

7- Create little traditions. The hubby & I always celebrate our anniversary in the same restaurant all this nine years together. I love the idea of build some funny rituals for our little family.

8- Share tastes and abilities we have in common.  We both love dogs, so we have two lovely puppies at home. They make us so happy! We also love rock, so we go to lots of concerts. Every couple has this thing that made them get interested in each other on the first place. Keep exploring it! 

9- Learn about the differences. He loves cinema, I never was so much interested on movies. Now, I catch a movie on a regular basis!

10- Feel that you’ll never be alone again


Thursday, January 19, 2012

I heart tattoos!

Hi guys! This week I’d like to share with you some pretty amazing tattoos of deer.  The first one is from my pal Catarina, from We Are Beautiful Girls. She has the pretiest tattoo colection on her body and explain to me that the deer represents "kindness, camouflage, grace and attention. It's message is unconditional love. This animal tells you to use less power and do not confront your enemy. It's time for compassion and forgiveness. Learn to trust. Try something new. Spend more time outdoors. Only love can dissolve the barriers that prevent us from achieving our best dreams".

Isn't it beautiful?!  So, I hope you enjoy this little selection and go check Catarina's blog!

Source from the others 1 2 3 4 5 6

It's lovely, isn't it? If you want me to post your tatoo over "I herat tattoo", email me.
Tomorrow I'll be back with my Top 10.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Love the life you live

Hi! I'd like to introduce a new feature: "One Thing to Make Life Feel Wonderful". Every week I'll try a tip from different authors (or an idea that popped into my mind) to make life happier and delightful.

So the first one I tried is to have flowers at home, specially at bedroom and the dining room. I love plants and really like to have flowers around. I got new red flowers to my room, and it really made it special. Hubby loved it as well.

I think every women should buy flowers to themselves (some like to wait to other people give to them), and a beautiful flower always can make us smile and feel that everything renovates itself.

lovely flowers

I hope you like this idea! If you want to share your personal tips, please, live a comment! We will love to hear from you!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Organization time

I’m always trying to be more organized. It is a personal challenge I’ve been chasing for years. Since I moved of a house (my parents’ house) to my apartment, things seemed not to fit, especially in my little studio. So, guess what?! I tried once more, and it really seemed to look better now!




And I feel a little relieved. What you do to organize your things? Do you have plenty space for all you have?  If you have any tips, please, share!

Have a lovely week!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Outifit 1: Sequins Dress


Hi guys!

I’m back and glad to say that Marie Noir is alive and well!

I always thought sequin dresses were beautiful and glamorous. I was intending to buy one for so long and just now I found the perfect reason: New Year’s Eve.

There are many different styles of sequin dresses, but as I’m a little overweight, I had to find the one which fits me better. So this is what I dressed to say hi to 2012 and some other lovely ones.

Reveillon 2012

Reveillon 2012

Some ideas: 

It’s good to be here again! I have some news to share, so keep up!