Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The magical thing about believing in God is that some days, when you think nothing is going right, you can not move, life is just something sad that you’re obligated to pass thru, well in those days God revels Himself. He remembers us we have promises and He is faithful.

I’m living this kind of period for a long time, something like two years. But deep in my heart I know I can trust Lord. My hope is based on a theory: He didn’t create me to suffer. The truth is He loves me too much to let me suffer without a purpose.

When I think about these things (the promises, my faith), I know one day this agony will end. And I’m very thankful that, besides everything, I know God, I have an awesome husband and a lovely family, who needs adjusts, but they are a gift to me.

Some days, I miss smile and I’d like to remember being completely happy not with plans or buying useless stuff, but with life itself. All that I have now are plains and my effort. I keep them in my heart close to this faith that makes me continue.

So I vowed. I’ll not buy things with no purpose and benefits only me until December. I’ll not complain about the situation or people involved in it. I’ll be positive and show some disposal to life.

I am trying, but I’ll try harder!

Oh... Later I'll show pics from our mini travel!