Thursday, September 16, 2010


Most of time I feel sad with myself because I’m really a consumerist person. I want to have all that I can image and the idea of never get fulfilled makes me scared.
I can’t avoid! I always want a new book, dress, decorating stuff, cameras…
And now, I want this bike so bad!

I live in a small apartment, in a town where is not safe to walk alone. Even if you have company or want to take a risk, well it’ll be an up and down walk, because I live in a mountainous territory.

So, I want to travel, redecorate the home, a bike, and a thousand of other things. 
Am I contaminated with the consumerism of this century? Am I part of the “want to have society” that I criticize so often?

I think I need to incorporate more of the D.I.Y. philosophy! =)