Friday, August 12, 2011

A tip...

Have fun!

I’d like to give you, married /engaged / taken women, a tip of a lovely and interesting blog I read for awhile. It’s The Generous Wife. Everyday Lori gives us a tip of how being generous with our loved ones. I try to pick at least one per week and practice it. It’s so fun!

Some News
This week was crazy! I lost three co-workers. One had to go back home, one got very, very sick and the last one had to travel. I have no time to do anything I wanted, what makes me feel a little frustrated. About the weekend, I have no big plans either, but, maybe, I can take some pictures and enjoy the father’s day with my family (lets hope!).

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Monday, August 08, 2011

I'm in love...


with red lips!

Please, se the original sources in here.

This weekend was great! I had no time to rest but I loved the way things turned out. We went out almost all the hours of the weekend, had some drinks, laugh a lot and got ready for the new week.

My husband and I are very lucky to have lots of good friends and it’s so good when we are able to see then! This is my last week without classes, so have to do the best of it. I’m still in the organization process, but I’m pretty sure it will make my life easier and I’ll have more time to get my personal projects done.

Here in the office, things continue to be crazy. Lots of pressure and I’m looking for a new supervisor, because mine is going to go back home and quitted her job. But, I’m sure things will be all right after.

Have a lovely week!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Get organized now!

I realized these last days that, when we don’t find the thing we need at the time we need, we become very moody. This was a huge incentive for me to put my things in order (at home and in the office).

It certainly is not the easiest task of the world, but it worth it. Here goes some tips of all I learned recently.

1-     Create lists, write it down.

It’s almost unfair to try to count only with your memory to remember all you need to do, establish priorities and make a plan of how to get there. Writing things down it’s a great habit because when you register an idea or a “to do list”, it becomes sort of a compromise (and it feels awesome to cross the items off).

2-     Create a routine for your tasks
When you need to get lots of things done, sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to do first. So we need to set priorities and make a routine. For example, every Mondays I organize my bedroom, no matter how tired I am. If I don’t do it this Monday, only in the next one I’ll have time to put things in order, so I better not let the messy accumulate.

3-     Do things alike at the same time
Do all your calls at the same time, pay all your bills or shop all you need at the same trip. It will save your time, energy, money and you’ll be more concentrated on what you’re doing.

4-     Fix the things that are not working properly, and do it now!
Because when you need it, it will be just fine. And if you use it every day, it’s may be irritating you, doesn’t it?

5-     Determine a place for everything 

I use to put my keys, purse and cell phone anywhere. Every time a needed to go out, I had to look all over the house to find my things. One day, I just determined it would stay in a unique furniture of the TV room. I never lost it again! So, choose an easy place, which you feel comfortable with and doesn’t make you feel as you’re just abandoning things over, then keep your things there.
I also determined places for all the types of cloths, shoes, dishes... I put names on the boxes of my crafty room and made a home for everything, so I don’t waste time looking for essential stuff.

6-     Know where your documents are
And keep copies of it.

7-     Set aside time to get organized
You’ll need time for it. Try half an hour per day or create a scheme like 30 min to do the dishes, 20 min to answer the emails, 30 min to pay the bills.

8-     Clean up your closet
Take off the cloths you don’t use. My standard is if I didn’t use a cloth or shoe in the last year to now, I won’t use it anymore, so I donate it for the ones that will be glad to have it.

9-     Don’t be nostalgic
Try to not hold on your memories. There are things we love to keep, but they’re trash. I know we’d like to keep all the drawings of our children or all kinds of paper memories of a good trip, but if we want to get over with the clutter on our houses, we have to let it go.

10- Try some organization tools
Like boxes (and put name on them), plastic bags to the fridge food, planners to organize your day, notebooks inside the purse. Try to use a smartphone and keep a Google Scheduler or another tool you can keep fresh in all your gadgets.

Be happy in your beautiful neat new life!!!


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Make of the Week

Pink lips and blue eyeliner.
Rihanna is beautiful!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A hobby to avoid stress!

Trying to go Macro!

Trying to go Macro!

Trying to go Macro!

So, these are some of my macro photos. I did them using my Canon XTI reflex camara and a 60 mm lens. It made me so happy to se how it looks like, because I’m still a student and I’m trying to improve the techniques I learned over the course.

I love my work, but as most people know, working in big companies can be quit stressful. That’s why I believe it’s so important to keep hobbies and personal projects that warm your heart and fresh up your mind.

I’m trying photography with some purpose that matches some professional dreams I have. Let’s see how it goes.

Have a lovely week!