Thursday, September 09, 2010

Weekend results...

I use the weekend and the holyday (September 7th in Brazil is like July 4th in US) to really think and realized I’ve been so selfish these last days. I was always worried about me, my problems, my life… And blaming everyone else for a life that is not as fun as I want it to be. Well, a read a quote somewhere that says “life is not something you live, is something you do”. The huge problem is that sometimes we stop doing to wait a better moment.
We get stuck in a place because work is not good, we have an argument with our mother or we are tired. But problems don’t disappear by themselves and life is not gonna be perfect anytime after our 12 years old, you know? We’re always going to face cruel people and bad days. Well, if we don’t stop to wait things get better, we will lose it all, because life is now.
My father use to say there’s only one day of the year we can really do something: today.
I do know this is not a brand new epiphany, but it was something I didn’t realize until now.   

Oh man! Our first anniversary is coming, only three more days to go. Things are different then I though it would happen. I’ll have classes all weekend and a test. Two of our friends will celebrate their birthday too. So it will be a very busy weekend. But I think we can make time for each other a little bit. My husband is travelling a lot this week, and I really miss him.
I want our time together to be just great.
About the traveling, we decided to spend the next weekend resting in a place he knows, on the country side. Again, is not my 10 days trip, but is good to have someone with whom I can feel joyful anytime.

I need more dedication. This is a fact.
- But I’m doing the workouts, trying to eat at least four times a day and playing the acoustic guitar three or four times a week.
- I made frozen yogurt yesterday. It was very easy, but for a person who never enters the kitchen it is a good start.
- I’m working into finish the apartment decoration and doing a lot of research.
- I changed my hair, bought some cloths and really think I’m taking care of myself in better way now.
Let’s see how it goes.
A good day to everyone!