Friday, January 20, 2012

10 things I love about this friday


My top 10 of this week is about 10 things I Love about being married. I think is important to tell me & hubby know each other for 12 years and are together for 9 years now, so, love and passion can really last if it is true. The ten things I learned to enjoy about being merried are:

1- Share secrets and fears with someone you trust. Because you know he loves you and will really care about what you’re saying. He will stand up for you and try to help you really hard.

2- Share a home. Have our own space, a little scenario for a particular love story. You also get a person to share the bills and responsibility. In difficult times, this partnership will be even more important.

3- Dream (or create) about a family. I love the idea of having kids with the person a love, to think about how we going to raise them to be wonderful human being  and try to change the world.

4- Multiply the number of friends. Because he get your and you get his friends!

5- Sleep together every night.

This was my bouquet!

6- Plain a thousand of trips together. And discover the world with your beloved.

7- Create little traditions. The hubby & I always celebrate our anniversary in the same restaurant all this nine years together. I love the idea of build some funny rituals for our little family.

8- Share tastes and abilities we have in common.  We both love dogs, so we have two lovely puppies at home. They make us so happy! We also love rock, so we go to lots of concerts. Every couple has this thing that made them get interested in each other on the first place. Keep exploring it! 

9- Learn about the differences. He loves cinema, I never was so much interested on movies. Now, I catch a movie on a regular basis!

10- Feel that you’ll never be alone again