Friday, August 12, 2011

A tip...

Have fun!

I’d like to give you, married /engaged / taken women, a tip of a lovely and interesting blog I read for awhile. It’s The Generous Wife. Everyday Lori gives us a tip of how being generous with our loved ones. I try to pick at least one per week and practice it. It’s so fun!

Some News
This week was crazy! I lost three co-workers. One had to go back home, one got very, very sick and the last one had to travel. I have no time to do anything I wanted, what makes me feel a little frustrated. About the weekend, I have no big plans either, but, maybe, I can take some pictures and enjoy the father’s day with my family (lets hope!).

Have a beautiful weekend!!


blaza1 said...

great post, keep it up! :)

'Celle' Barkauskas said...

- Oi menina! Estou conhecendo seu blog agora e ja seguindo! SUCESSO !

Bjokas sua linda,
Celle Barkauskas


Anonymous said...

Parabéns pelo Blog!!! Entre em nossa Loja Virtual... Lá vendemos Guess, Gap, Colcci, Caos, Thommy Hilfiger e Muito Mais!!! Pagamento Parcelado no cartão, esperamos sua visita!

Chelsea Lane said...

I love love your header! eep, sounds crazy--three coworkers is way too many to lose at once!