Monday, August 23, 2010

Good week!

This night I had a dream about disturbing things happening with me, but I don’t remember what kind of thing. Maybe it’s only Monday happening! I’m not complaining on the first day of work. Gosh no! The true is that is very cold here, in my town and I got a cold. So I’ll give a smile and two kisses in my boss if he let me stay at home today, but he didn’t go for this offer.

My husband and I had a good talk about how I need a creative space at home. I love our apartment but, sometimes it doesn’t seem like home to me. I miss my stuff to accessible and reachable. We have a room there is not in use, so I’m thinking about transform it in a little studio. In fact, this is not a new idea, but I hope now it gets form.

The good news is that we finally did our marriage book. It’ll be delivered in 60 days, but we are glad we did it before our first anniversary. We still have to decide the musics for the video. Let’s say one month more to do it! 

Good monday!