Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I’m thinking a lot about decoration these last days. I want very much to change the appearance of my apartment. I don’t know why exactly we made all the spaces so dark. The apartment is all black and red (few things red) and I don’t feel happy when I see the way things are disposed.  

I guess I let my husband do lot of choices and he loves the fact the house is sober this way, but I feel like we need to cheer up a little. I want colors, flowers, beautiful and fun stuff all over the place. At the same time, I want him to feel as comfortable as he is today, at home.

I’m planning about redecorate some places, not all. And yes, I do realize is too soon for me to have all this idea. We have less then a month for all first anniversary and it is not common to change furniture new like ours. But try to understand me, I need the apartment to feel like home!

The true is, we tried, in this first moment, to decorate the house with the gifts we received from ours beloved parents, family and friends but, well, I hate all those crystal things. The couch isn’t comfy and is big for the tv room.

I’ll keep looking for the perfect colors and ideas. I hope to get there, for real this time!