Monday, August 16, 2010

I have two friends who are looking for the perfect match, so my husband and I decided to do a lunch to introduce one to each other. Well, to be sincere, we bought Japanese food, but it was very nice any way. We chatted a lot and I realized how good is to have friends and how better is to have a husband like mine.

He’s gentle, careful, tender, funny and all those things that can make anyone fall in love. He reminds me life is good! We need to stop worrying about everything as we could find the answer for all questions. We need to believe that God is taking care of us all the time (especially in the bad ones).

So… About my list… I’m doing good, my girls! I think I’ll be able to get there! I hope to feel better with myself when I complete this list! I’m so confident that I can see a new one coming!

I wish you’re all good an full of  hope too.

See you around!