Thursday, August 26, 2010

Awesome news!


I’m asking my husband to be my partner in a new Project (the store Project), and he was denying because he’s not the kind of person who likes to take risks. I respect him, but I really believe we are able to create a very unique market for interesting pieces of design. And I insisted in this idea for so long now he finally accepted!

I’m glad to have a person that I really trust to watch my back and share this dream with me. For now, is just a cyber project with no huge expectations but, if things go as well as I have faith they will, sooner we will get our own store.

I’m so excited with all this new stuff going on! I’m like this. I need life to be intriguing, challenging. I need to build things with my hands, to learn new informations, to test myself with no fear to fail. I know there is no correct answer, no perfect way to live your life or a recipe to be happy, and that’s why I can’t live in a different way then experimenting and taking chances.

This time, all I want is succeed. Maybe I really want to prove something (I’ll not lie). But most of time,  I decide about my life based on the fact I don’t want to spend the rest of my life envy the ones who did. I want to reveal who I’m in a very specific and authentic way and develop these projects is the path I found to be myself.

I hope, one day, when I get back to this post, I could feel as I complete my goals.

Thanks for reading!


cb said...

glad you are taking a risk. sometimes leading a safe life can be so normal...we need to always grow as people, explore new ways of life and to learn new things! i am sure your shop will be a great success! so happy for you!!