Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Roze & Lenora's wedding


Saturday at 13h, there was the wedding of our dear friends Roze and Lenora. At a site in Pampulha (traditional neighborhood of Belo Horizonte), a cozy and intimate ceremony celebrated the consolidation of this couple that makes our joy forever.

I confess I freaked out a little bit about what I'd dress because I'm kind of futile with clothes (another confession) and because I had never gone to a wedding during the day in a country atmosphere (in Brazil, it's very unusual to have weddings during the day). I was afraid to choose something too neat and stay out of context or less tidy and seem to not give a damn about the invitation I received (and I was very happy about it since the beginning, so...). In the end, I used that a long dress, with a very sweet textile.

I have one regret about this day: not having my camera with me. I left home super late and left it behind because I knew I wouldn't have time to check battery and stuff like that. But I made a promise that from now on, even if my only have space for my Sony Cybershot, I'll carry a camera in my purse.

In the absence of my own pictures, I borrowed some I saw in the profile of friends. The first one came from here, the others were from the smart Fernanda who was with her ​​camera!
This wedding was proof that good taste and spontaneity make a great duo.
Cheers to you endlessly, Roze & Lenora!


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