Monday, October 03, 2011

To love photography!

Photography began as a record of images. It is a combination of light exposure and fixation of these images in a sensitive material. Then came digital photography, the blessing of bloggers and the big break with the paradigms of development process and the choice of film that meant so much in the final result of the images.

Some artists are able to merge the good use of different techniques to create beautiful memories, and unexpected deep works . This is what Cris Bierrenbach does. The brasilian photographer, rooted in
photojournalism, and has been awarded in several instances of art and photography.


Exploring contemporary and unusual techniques, such as daguerreotype, his work has gained prominence and importance in photographic universe.
 Forgotten (Haiti), Daguerreotype techinique

No Tittle

If you falled for her or got curious to learn more visiting the website o Chris Bierrenbach clicking here or on her Flickr.