Monday, September 05, 2011

MBA and other courses... Are they important at all?


These last days I was totally com committed with some project I had to develop for my MBA course. It was very hard to do, so I had to quit my time on internet and didn’t go out until I finished it. This may lead to the question: does it worth it?

Well, I guess so. When you chose a good specialization course, that has a strong connection with your current work or carrier and you’re sure the course will be more then a new line on your resume, you should do it.

I think, nowadays, the companies are much more interested on what you can give to them as a professional over what you put on your resume. We need to be creative, open minded and read for all kinds of challenges this crazy economic scenario brings to us.

But, if you really have the desire of being part of a strategic department of the company you work for, be prepared to do some MBA courses, language courses, seminars and lectures…

Yes… We need to really work hard to get what we dream about!

Good week!


Sydney H. said...

just started following your blog and love it!!

- Sydney xo