Monday, September 12, 2011

All about this Monday

Loving even more...

Mondays use to be a strange day for me. I miss be at home with my puppies and my colorful studio. But this little Monday it’s away from different.

The weekend was really, really good and I wish I had take some pictures. I had lots of fun and rest so much! It was great!

Here, at work, things are getting clear. We took a decision that may chance our business and it was so complicated to do it, but we kind of felt we should take the chance.

And, finally, two years from now was getting ready to take a big step at my personal life. Although it was the most important thing I was going to do at the time, I was not nervous at all. I knew for sure I did the best decision ever. I chose to spend my life with a wonderful, careful, selfishness guy who I love from all my heart.

So, I begin my week full of hope, joy, and good feelings. I wish you the same! To have the courage and the audacity to take a risk. "To get something you never had, you have to do something they never did," right?