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Recently, I've seen in some corners of Internet blogs and articles about Gyaru style . I found some devotees in Brazil and I was quite impressed with the way they assemble the outfits. It's something too "girly" a doll style influence!

Despite being a big thing for me , this idea of dressing so childish emerged in Japan in the 70s and has changed from then to now. At first, concerned teenagers and young adults who had no interest in marriage or work, taking on a childlike figure.
Over time, this concept has been in decline, terminologies were also changing and Gyaru , which means nothing more, nothing less, that girl, became an important part of the Japanese clothing and accessories commerce.

The girls who engage in Gyaru usually organize Gal Circles, which are meetings to talk about fashion, promote the style of dressing girly, music and a kind of dance called ParaPara (a style of dance choreographed and synchronized, also originated in Japan).

 I don't know if it's a style that fits all ages I think is more common in adolescents, but the specialty sites claim it can be used at any time and by anyone. So, if you like the idea, you can adapt the outfit!

To become a Gyaru, you can not forget the Circle Lens!

False eyelashes:

And if you have courage, you can have your nails decorated to finish off the look:

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Jess said...

crazy! I've never heard of this before!

Joan said...

wow! this is beautiful! cool blog! i'll follow u now! follow back if u want! ;)

Rebecca said...

ive seen stuff like this but never understood it much
interesting post, it's such a strange yet fascinating trend
liked this post, really informative :)