Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Pretty Things!


Because it was my Birthday, I decided to buy some new  pretty things for me. This is what I got:

Pretty Things

1- Eyeshadows 24k Gold - Avon
2- Foundation Brush - Prada
3- Mascara Super Curlacious - Avon
4- Green Eyeliner - Vult
5- "Rose" Lipstick - Avon
6- "Pêssego Suave" Lipstick - Avon

Pretty Things

My sister and my co-worker gave me this Eyeliner Pen from Eyeko. I loved it!

Pretty New Things
And I bought two sunglasses. The first one from Lacoste and the other from Lupa Lupa.



augustalolita said...

lovely new make up haul and great sun glasses <3

Lace n Coffee said...

You got some great things.

Bog-Bog said...

Happy birthday! Nice gifts!

Jess said...

that eye shadow looks beautiful! Love the shimmer.

Marella said...

Gorgeous items!

Carolyn said...

aw hope you had a fun birthday! gifts to yourself are the best, you know exactly what you want ;)

Megan said...

i had no idea prada made brushes! how awesome! hope ur having a great week girl!

<3 megan

blaza1 said...

Happy birthday! :) I love these gifts!

Primp and Giggle said...

happy birthday! i love all your new pretty little things! :)