Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Pretty Things!


Because it was my Birthday, I decided to buy some new  pretty things for me. This is what I got:

Pretty Things

1- Eyeshadows 24k Gold - Avon
2- Foundation Brush - Prada
3- Mascara Super Curlacious - Avon
4- Green Eyeliner - Vult
5- "Rose" Lipstick - Avon
6- "Pêssego Suave" Lipstick - Avon

Pretty Things

My sister and my co-worker gave me this Eyeliner Pen from Eyeko. I loved it!

Pretty New Things
And I bought two sunglasses. The first one from Lacoste and the other from Lupa Lupa.



augustalolita said...

lovely new make up haul and great sun glasses <3

Anonymous said...

You got some great things.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Nice gifts!

Jess said...

that eye shadow looks beautiful! Love the shimmer.

Marella said...

Gorgeous items!

Carolyn said...

aw hope you had a fun birthday! gifts to yourself are the best, you know exactly what you want ;)

Anonymous said...

i had no idea prada made brushes! how awesome! hope ur having a great week girl!

<3 megan

blaza1 said...

Happy birthday! :) I love these gifts!

Primp and Giggle said...

happy birthday! i love all your new pretty little things! :)