Friday, March 18, 2011

Be happy!


Sometimes, we do so many different things during the week, we forget of being happy. I’m working 10 hours per day and doing an MBA courser, so I’m always busy to do what I really like: be with my family, friends, blog, photography… So, I realize the weekend is here and we can use it to do the things we usually don’t have time.  

 If you can…

1-     Offer a good breakfast for someone you love;

2-     Give him or her a big kiss;

3-     Dance in your room, sing together with the radio;

4-     Take care of you a little bit. Take a long shower (or bath, if you like), use your best beauty products;

5-     Eat a good food

6-      and smile big!!!

Great weekend!


Jess said...

wow looks like you're busy! Love these suggestions.

Claire said...

thanks for the reminder! sometimes i get so busy i forget to just be happy :)