Friday, November 12, 2010

About money

I told you once I’m a financial manager and it was a very emotional profession. You feel you did your best when you get good interests in some operation, but you feel terribly bad when the market changes and you loose someone else’s money. I do it for my family business and if I had to do it for other companies, I think I wouldn’t be able to continue this job. Is so stressful! I do it with love because I care by my sisters and parents; otherwise I’d rather live with more limitations of money, but more time and less preoccupation.

The reason I’m telling you this is because of a post I found on Elsies’ blog. The main subject was money and uncertainty about the future as an indie artist. Well, I’d like to say money insecurity is not an exclusive feeling of the indie artists. The entire world is experiencing a crisis that US started and Chine is giving more gas with all this cambial battle. So, if you have doubts if your activity is not the best for your dreams and want to switch or give up, please, don’t do it! It’s difficult for everyone, not only for you and your dreamy job! It is an economic phenomenon and it’s better to pass through it by doing what you love then doing something whit gives you more money but not peace.

 Keep going, people! Things will change!