Thursday, July 01, 2010

New life!

Hi everybody!

My eyes are really red today. And I sleep well these last two nights but I’m feeling tired. Maybe is the work, maybe it’s because I did a vote and I’m not eating in the morning (and not having coffee). But I’m feeling very good doing it. It’s an interesting habit of Christians (or Protestants) that I like to keep once in a wile.

So life keeps going faster and faster. I had lots of things done these days. Many of this was encouraged by my list! I think you all should try to have your goals written, it has a magical effect.

-         I got personal trainer lessons. I’ll star next week. I’ll be trained by a new girl and I’m very excited with the change. (item #1)
-         I bought new furniture for our kitchen. I just can’t wait to have it there and organize my things! (items #5 and #13)
-         I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist and I’ll change my hair color (item #9).
-         I called a friend to help find the perfect place to our store (item #4)!
-         I did my column on Ponto Con Magazine.
-         I solved a thousand problems over here.

I also had some bad behavior about the list too! I escaped my guitar classes yesterday. I couldn’t go because I was so tired and moody. I’m feeling a little regret today, but I really needed to rest a little. My eyes were closing by themselves!

I’m with new consuming desires.

I want new shoes:

Everything Keyko Lynn does!

Please, check her store!

Good day!