Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mom's birthday

Hi everybody!

I finally got back to my workouts. Now, this plus some nights not sleeping good because hubby was sick is equal to a very, very tired girl!
The new teacher is good and I feel pain all over my body, which reminds I shouldn’t have been so sedentary for the last six months… But, well, I’m trying to correct this (item #1).

This weekend was my mother b’day. Her party was perfect and very fun. I think my parents really got into the mood, and did all they wanted for that night. Of course people made me give a speech. I’m awful improvising!

I was really in love with some shoes of Carmen Steffens. So I went to the shop decided to spend some money with myself with no guilt. I bought, but it was so beautiful and perfect that I gave it to my mom for birthday gift. She loved it! (:

Yesterday I had my 5th acoustic guitar class. I think it’s more difficult then violin. The positions of right hand are chaos! I know that everything is possible when we dedicate and practice, but, man, it’s hard… I’m trying some reggae rhythms and, maybe, is this. I know nothing about reggae and I’m not sure if I really enjoy this kind of music, so I’m not familiar with the way it sounds. Even though, I’ll give it a try! (item #2).

Now, I need to get back to work.

XoX – B.