Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It’s Worldcup! For most of you, my non brazilian readers, this is not a big deal, but here in Brazil is really something. You know, we are all carnival, football and caipirinha! Just kidding… We do more then this and we have some Nobel prizes too.

Well, the fact is yesterday we had our first game: Brazil x North Korea. Brazil sucked. It was not an exciting game. North Korea made one goal. Nobody was expecting that. They have no tradition in Worldcups and we thought Brazil was going to totally dominate the game. The score ended 2x1 to Brazil.

But, the truth is I was impressed how the country stopped. Is not something new for me, but this is the first time I took a time to think how our economy suffers with this attitude.  Our governors totally support this little break.

For me, it was a good thing not because I love football (I really don’t), but I could sleep a little. Today, I started with some vitamins my sister and friend recommended. They told me this is insanely good for all this prostration I’m feeling lately. I hope it works, but I know I need to go back to my work outs and eat better (as I told you a hundred times).

Speaking about change habits at home, I want to create a home office for me, because I use the one that was created for my husband and it seems very not comfortable to me. So I’m in love with this table:

Do you think it is too colorful?

Have a relaxing night! =)