Thursday, May 06, 2010


This last days I couldn’t be as present as I promise to myself I would because I’m working so hard in my dad’s business that all the time I have left, I use to sleep or watch some good series with my husband. We saw Friends a thousand times, now we’re totally into Big Bang Theory, Rome, House, The Mentalist, and, sometimes, Two and a Half Men. And, when I get I little more energy then this, I try to play with my happy dogs!

But, we’re so in love with all the results of our job and felling so thankful for all that God has done in our lives that we don’t feel as tired as it must seem. And we are making sure that our personal projects don’t get affected or stuck. I bought a guitar this week and we’re still trying to go to the gym as often as we can.

We went to cinema couple of times this past month, but I didn’t see Alice yet. I hope to do it next weekend, because this one I have my MBA course and tests to do. By the way, I should be studying right now, but today was such a lazy day. Only now, almost in the end, I feel as I can do something, but it may change when I get home.

Well, tomorrow will be another day and I really think I’ll be able to work better and to do some good things to my own pleasure!

xOx - B. 


Kyla Roma said...

Hope you got to kick back and enjoy a little this weekend- and good luck with your MBA courses!

Paola said...

Olá Bruna, me identifiquei muito com você e seu blog! Já estou seguindo pelo twitter...
Bjos, Paola

B. said...

Obrigada, viu Paola!