Thursday, October 29, 2009


Life has been this craziness! I can’t remember the last night we spent at home. We went to Cirque du Soleil at tuesday to see the show “Quidam”. It’s such a beautiful presentation and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see it. I hope which one of you could try it! It’s really wonderful!

This week I had my second class of the new course. It’s called something like “Controlling Financial Management and Audit”. I bought a new calculator and I’m going to buy a notebook and all of those fun things we use when we get back to school. Oh! And I forgot to tell that I will have a one week class at US. I’m so excited about that!!!

I’d like life was nice and fun like this all the time, but it is not. I have no time to be creative and do my lovely freelances. I can’t find any way to get my new home organized and I even got no moment to choose pics for my physical book. Joey is lacking of attention and my husband has been the most patient person ever!

I want to do a lot of thins that I know will make me happy:

1- A new tattoo

Who did this one is a tattoo professional from BH named Alex.

2- Use my art materials to do something as simple as this

This nice colorful paint it's from Elsie, who does a lot of cute things.

3- Do a nice makeup production

She's pretty!

4- Write a new cronicle for Ponto Con Magazine

5- Have a massage done!

Let's see what can I do with my time, hun?