Monday, October 22, 2012

Pin Ups: Why love them so much!

I love Pin Ups! There's nothing new in that, since the blog is full of them. But do you know why? Well, it isn't exclusively of the sensuality of those girls that is so vivid that often is all you people can see in them. What love about Pin Ups is the confidence that they will inevitably show. They had a glare, the courage to show feminility and sex appeal in a period in which morality was undoubtedly more severe than today.

Femininity appears in an almost aggressive approach, the curves are valued (regardless of being a model drizzling or 'plus size', as we call it now). Even today, with modern pin ups that appear here so often, there is a search for building a new and diverse beauty standard. Tattoos, reamers, clothes and shoes beautifully adapted to their fashion wishes of these girls (that's not commercial at all), come along in this universe. But there are no standards, girls with the skin ink free , full of shyness, but with a bit of self-esteem and self-confidence found their place in this movement.

Take care of yourself, love yourself intensively it's a wonderful attitude. Makeup tricks can help to enhance ones best, a hair neatly combed can fill the chest of the confidence these women knew / know so well. Of course these are symbolic acts, superficial things to do, which encourage the appearance of much deeper feelings. The fact is that if you feel the best you can possibly be, you'll act as best as you can and will receive admiration from others with such confidence.

Many of us need it, this dose of self-esteem and self-confidence. We need to feel valuable, both in appearance and in the opinions that we place in society, in the certainty that we are building something bigger, an idea. As these Pin Ups brought new views on femininity and sexuality, those women were so important in the imagination of sailors and soldiers (who remained on track dreaming about them) that they're still remembered and admired. I think we can continue this story.

My tip: look for what makes you feel all good! The lipstick, the haircut, the reading that fills you with delicious ideas and opinions that will be heard. Look for the education you need to improve what you love doing. Just don't let your life pass with the feeling of being in a middle term with everything. Being in a middle term is not funny. The good thing in life is to feel you're change the world a little bit each day ...

Thanks for reading!