Thursday, August 30, 2012


I think we each have a crash for a specific makeup product. Some people don't go out without lipstick nor blush, for other girls concealer is essential. To me, what I can not miss is a bit of mask for the lashes to lift the look. So every now and then I fall into temptation and buy some more mascaras to put in my case. This is my current collection:

Minha Coleção

From left to right:

- LA Girls Lash Boosting, I use it when I want to some volume.
- Natura Faces Colorless, I like to use on eyebrows
- Avon Super Curlacious; make nice curves (the brush is suitable for this purpose)
- Mary Kate Signature; it lasts all night
- Mary Kate Ultimate Mascara; guess versatile and is very alike the other one
- Maybelline Colossal; pure drama
- Maybelline One by One, the one I use more in everyday life, it separates the lashes and is super natural.

And you? Have some kind of product fixation?