Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Products we love!

I tried some new products these last days and like it a lot.

One was this fragrance Peony, by Korres. They say it is "derived from tropical climbing orchids, the Vanilla Pod is believed to awaken the senses and induce dreams of love. An uplifting ingredient with an individually sweet and seductive aroma. Pear trees, heavy with sun born succulent fruits and scents of bliss; fruits that lose their rich taste as they ripen, yet become even more fragrant, releasing a long lasting aroma". The product itself has a great durability and it is nice to use by day.
The other one is this skin lotion, by Theraskin, called "Cleany".  It is very soft and leaves a good feeling on the skin. It is somewhat milky and is designed to remain on the skin. I thought a good idea is to use it at night!