Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wish list of my silly desires


I missed this blog a lot! My dad was on the hospital for a week and, when he got released my grandmother got injured and had to be hospitalized. She’s there for three days now. I’m trying to be supportive and help them as much as I can. My lovely husband has been a great helper too, what is so considering of him!

But, things are settling down now, and I feel I can try to go back to normal life. I want to prepare home for Christmas. I must confess, starting to look for perfect gifts make me want so many things!

This is a little wish list of my silly desires lately:

1- Pink Diana Camara
I'm just curious about this lomo happiness.

 2- A beautiful chair
In fact, I just need a good place to read, but if it can be comfy and pretty, why not?

3- A vintage necklace selection
Because I'm looking for lovely things to my little store

4- Back tattoos
Need time and money to do it! =/

5- Home Ec e-course
I just would love to learn sewing. If you too, click here.

6- Pretty fabrics
To use after a learn to sew

7- A charming purse to work
Mine aint good anymore, but after an year, it's not a surprise.

8- To travel
I love it! I'll never get tired of this

(Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8)

This totally random selection, but I loved doing it! And you? Are you getting ready to Christmas?



Lauren said...

I hope your father and grandmother are feeling better!

I haven't even thought about a Christmas list yet--I've been too busy trying to get rid of some of my clutter! Paul and I are trying to save up to go to England sometime soon, though, and I'd love to move to another part of the United States. I'm not very happy with living in Kansas!