Friday, October 28, 2011

10 things to love this Friday!

Weekend!! I'm so happy I'll have a quality time to spend with my hubby and wake up by my own! Here goes the things I'm thinking a lot these days.

1- A sunny day

It has been raining here in my town for like 5 days. Today, I woke up with a beautiful sunny day and it’s chilling a little bit. Now I ask you, could the weekend start better? I want to do some activities outside!

2- Your body


We’re getting closer to summer time (in Brazil), so people start to get crazy with their diets and exercises routine, because they want a perfect body the beach season starts. Then eat food becomes suddenly wrong. How can it be?! You can not eat what makes happy?! I hate this feeling. We need to accept ourselves and be happy, because nobody has the perfect body, after all!

3- Your health

At the same time, I think all of us must embrace a good health care behavior. Eat what makes us happy doesn’t mean to exaggerate. Not get crazy about exercises, doesn’t mean not care about doing it. Love yourself, do your best to feel good, but never, ever compare yourself or get disappointed with your achievements. I know you’re beautiful!

4- This post about make up mistakes

 I loved this post Akane made about all the crazy things we can do with our make up. Lovely and funny!

5- Halloween costumes, for dogs!

 I always fell almost obligated to laugh of those dogs all dressed up. But my guess is they don’t think it is as funny as I do! Gala agreed they’re funny!

6- Necklace DIY

Kaylah, from The Dainty Squid, made a tutorial of how to create a beautiful necklace. It’s so pretty and I think we can easily make different versions, customize a fancy new jewelry!

7- The New Girl 

I love Zooey Deschanel! She is lovely, funny and authentic. This new series, New Girl, carry all of theses characteristics mixed with charm! It’s one of my new favorities!

8- Nutella’s Milk Shake 

The weekend is going to be hot, we deserve something sweet, fresh and amazing, don’t we?

9- Luis XV Chair

It’s fancy, pretty, lovely, colorful, comfortable and I want to have one so much! I hope I find the perfect one and the home space I need to put a beautiful peace like this in my own place.

10- Shorts! 

As I said, is very hot. A pair of shorts goes very well during the day. And they so nice and spontaneous! Love it.



Jess said...

The costumes for dogs are hilarious! Kind of wish I had a dog just so I could dress it up for Halloween :)

Sydney H. said...

The costumes for dogs are so cute!!
The milkshakes look so good and the shorts are super hot :)

- Sydney xo