Thursday, July 07, 2011

I'm CEO...


I've been working so much. The result of hard working is a promotion, what means more work and experience that led me to a reflection. I thought about what I really want in my life, what really matters.

I noticed that many times, we live a life without being sure of who we are. Not in that order to "uncover yourselfe", philosophically speaking (or in a corny way either). We take life without noticing what makes us happy, what gives us comfort, the bad habits which must be abandoned, who are the best companies.

The workflow of events lead us to somewhere, far away from the ideal. And so, as by epiphany, I realized some serious things in my life that probably serve to yours.

The first is that, inevitably, we are what we live. The truth is we are not able to be totally authentic and different from people with whom we live. I'm sure you've heard about selecting your companies, choose people more cheerful, interesting, attractive to be around. Well, if like me you thought it was crap, you may reconsider.

At the same time, and I know how much that is contradictory, I realized that who we are, we always will be, deep inside. No matter how much you dislike certain characteristics, it won’t change it (not all of them). I am a business woman. As much as I have repeated a thousand times I'm tired, I want to get away from the business world and play with art and fashion, the reality is that the pressure and adrenaline of the corporate world are my life.

After doing all these thoughts a asked myself what's the point of trying to maintain a blog that does not reflect, really, what I really live? Why should I try to keep a sort of magazine that I can not even get inspired enough to post? Or even try to copy other blogs that I admire? One of my favorite bands, Dream Theater, sings "what we have is what we are", it’s better be sincere.

So, if you like the fashion and design posts or the beauty products, they will not disappear. But if you've always been curious to know what is like be a young woman, director of a group of companies predominantly male, and a housewife after all, I think now we are together.