Monday, July 25, 2011

How to layoff an employee


I realize that is a dismissal one of the most complex task for those who hold a position of leadership. The feeling of depriving someone of their livelihood it’s always very uncomfortable, especially when it comes to someone with whom we live more closely, this nuisance can become a big deal. So I’d like to give you some tips that might help you in these hours.

- Think before taking action. It’s important you know exactly the reason why you are taking this decision. In most cases, the employee causes his own dismissal, either for lack of interest and commitment or simply because he doesn’t fit the profile of the team. Try to discern the reasons to make you to feel secure about your decision. Make yourself the resignation, if the you’re the employee's direct superior. Do not delegate to HR.

- Prepare what you’ll say. Think about what you mean before you say it, and look for a quiet place without interruption or spectators to deliver the notice, a meeting room, for example. When you invite him to talk, be serious, do not use tone of funeral or joke like "I have bad news." Go straight to the point and express sincerely the reasons why the dismissal happened. Make it clear whether it is a cost-cutting or professional flaws. Speak a little about these failures so that person will have the opportunity to avoid mistakes in the future.
- Try not to commit excesses. Do not praise too much, apologize or become emotional. These expressions of hesitation and uncertainty only feed the idea that the resigned was wrong and unfair. Try to not be rude or indifferent, treat him as you would like to be treated in such a situation, after all, it’s a big thing.

- If it’s possible, avoid working notice. Do you know someone whose productivity has improved after the information of a layoff? Only in those cases when the person has hope of keeping his job, and when this occurs, the motivation is usually temporary and soon the problems of the past will recur. So if you can avoid the worked notice, make the selection of a new professional for the position and schedule his first work day to be the early days following the departure of the previous occupant.

- Be ready. After the announcement of the resignation each person reacts differently. Some remain professional, and simply accept the information. Others, however, cry, curse, complain, justify themselves, they try to recover their work by promises. So act quiet, let him speak, however, does not commit the mistake of making promises of reinstatement or replacement that you cannot keep.

- Extreme cases. If occurs physical or verbal aggressions, you better refrain. Do not react. Notify security or police.

- Never do it by phone. After all, you hired him looking into his eyes, don’t you?