Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Daily Outfit - #2

Hi sweeties!

I’m here to tell you everything is fine and I’m getting back to my normal routine. The husband recovery is great so far and I think he will be able to be completely independent in 15 days!

This is what I ware the last time we went out:

Because of the limitations from the his procedure and because of Carnival ( March 8th) , I have no plans for my Birthday (March 9th). But my mother, who loves parties, seems to be organizing a little something for me. I’m glad she cares, even when I don’t!

So, have a great week!!!


Marella said...

You look gorgeous dear! <3

socialitedreams said...

that dress looks like it has fabulous movement and would be super fun to dance in...hope that the hubby feels great and has a speedy recovery :) happy birthday early!


Princess Feef said...

U look nice hun ,, and happy birthday :)