Thursday, February 10, 2011

Navy: Irresistible on Summer

You can keep navy pieces in your wardrobe forever, because almost every summer the Navy is back. The combination of prints and nautical red, white and blue, brings the delightful sensation of the sea with a trend we love: vintage!

If you want something new in this summer, you can try to mix prints of the navy stripes with floral and polka dots!

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Anonymous said...

aghhh these pieces make me ridiculously excited for warm weather! beautiful pieces!

<3 megan

Christina said...

Totally in *LOVE* with those shoes!! (Thanks for stopping by my blog!)

Anonymous said...

This makes me ready for summer!

Linz said...

i'm a dummy - it took me forever to find your "post comments" button. heh. in any case, love this post! you can never go wrong with vintage navy and nautical outfits!

Jessi said...

This makes me excited for summer!