Monday, February 14, 2011

Moda en la calle

8 has gathered lots of beautiful outfits from the streets. I love to see how people use stunning outfits in a normal day. I think it's all about to feel good with yourself all the time! So have fun with these fancy girls!

If you want details of this outfits and accessories click here!
Have a beautiful week!


socialitedreams said...

i love the first outfit, it speaks to my aesthetic!


Anonymous said...

Amazing inspiration!

L0veLindsey said...

Thanks for this post!! These outfits are all great.. def. to get a few pieces I see : )

By the way.. I'm giving away a really cute ring on my blog. You should check it out : )

Jess said...

What a great idea. I'm obsessed with that first look!

Anonymous said...

such beautiful and inspiring outfits!

<3 megan

blaza1 said...

Such amazing outfits! :) Keep up the great work!
Always supporting,

AA said...

i love the the coat in the first pic! soo cute :)
and i like the outfit w/ the yellow sweatshirt thingy :)
oh..and i like ur blog. cool layout! how'd you get the posts like w/ the comment thing on the side?


follow me?

Princess Feef said...

gorgeous outfits