Monday, November 01, 2010

Five things I learned

I’m realizing so many things these last days. It feels like I’m discovering a thousand new nuances of life. I’d like to share with you some of my enlightenments:

1-     We must value silence. How many times you regretted about speaking too much? I do it constantly. God’s Word says that the words coming out your mouth is just what is on your heart. So, if you complain a lot, gossip or say pejorative things about the ones around you, you’re more concerned about others life then your own happiness. My tip: think a lot about yourself and people around you before saying something, don’t hurt people with your words, but bless them with wisdom and humor.
2-     Share the love. This one is difficult, because most of days we’re involved in work, college and other activities that don’t remind us to be tender. When you say something good, do something nice or try to make people feel special, it seems you receive it back and day becomes so much better.
3-     Don’t think the problem is always another person. Generally, we have this bad habit: to think the unpleasant situations in our day are someone else’s onus. So, if you don’t get promoted, is because that girl stole your opportunity, if you have an argument with your husband, is because he doesn’t listen to you, and if you’re tired is because you have so much to do and so little help… But the true is we have tremendous power to change these situations. You can chose to stay positive, work better, have more patience with your husband and try to understand him, do something better with your time. It’s no one’s fault when it doesn’t work, just happens sometimes.
4-     Ignore the bad feelings. Recently, I felt very betrayed by somebody a really never thought was capable to do so. And she did in different ways: using my ideas to make money and promote herself, challenging me.  My first reaction was disappointment, then rage. But I finally realized that the only way I could get over it was ignoring these feelings and keep walking. I believe in God’s Justice and know that people who steal someone else’s work can’t be successful. But it’s not jus it. I think we live better if we stay positive, smile more and try to care only about the things that really matters (and, for me, this is my family and friends).
5-     Don’t try to have everything. You won’t get it! Sometimes, we just want to buy new stuff because is the new trend or get married because all of our friends did and seem to be happy… Well, everyone has a particular way to find happiness, if you’re seeking yours using the wrong parameter, maybe you’ll find frustration. So, don’t try to have everything, try to keep only what you really want and make you happy!

I hope you all have a good week!!


johanna said...

AMAZING post, really inspiring! love the number 3