Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When others tell you what to do...

              Have you ever observed how others are always telling us what and how to do things? Most of times we just let them get us. I chose to be a journalist because my teachers sad I right very well (in Portuguese, guys! =) and I collected tons of awards of literature and poetry contests.
            Then, I decided to be a financial manager, just because my dad needed one. I started MBA course that’s harder then I ever imagine it could be. I’m here from ten years now with no sure if my dad’s life it’s better with me by his side. With no sure if I’m doing my best in professional life.
            I bought many things because I saw in blogs and magazines amazing photos that can make anything seems desirable. I decided to try new things like music and arts because it felt so free and completely interesting in someone else’s life.
            Of course I do make some decisions by myself. Like get married or not having babies right now… I chose have my hair cut and putting dark color in it. I also chose to do lots of tattoos all over my body.
            What can I say about these facts? That I feel much better and comfy with my personal choices, the things I wanted just because of me and my happiness. It is not that I regret about things I’ve done. I had good influences, but to feel good and proud of what we are, we just must follow a natural course and be ourselves.



Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

ok i LOVE this post - it's so truthful and fun and REAL - i totallllly love this!

*kiss kiss*

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