Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I loved!

As I'm not buying new stuff until december, so I decided to show what I bought recentely to help me with the 9# item of my list.
I hope you enjoy!

I like...

1- Red Impact, Avon Uktra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick
2- Brush for Eyeshadows
3- Blush, Avon Smooth Minerals
4- Dark blue Eyeliner, Avon
5- Romantic Gloss Pallet
6- Pink Gloss
7- Black Eyeshadow
8- Rock n' Rose Perfume, from Valentino

Oh... And I put new pics from Tiradentes! Check my Flickr if you want to see it!



Taj Acosta said...

ooh very glamorous! You are so brave to not shope until December! You go girl! Love the valentino perfume!! hugs doll ;)

johanna said...

That perfum is SO CUTE