Wednesday, October 13, 2010

About being married...

I thought I was prepared and believed in a love that I didn’t know in fact.
I made a decision without a dialectic point of view.
In my mind I have no regrets. I feel happy and complete most of times.
But when I hear that voice in my head, almost silent, telling me we both are so different and want totally opposite things, when the voice tells me we won’t get aligned anymore… That all we lived (and try to live now) is just a teenage dream... Well, when that happens I use my real voice to scream out laugh that I own my destiny, my life and my marriage. I say to myself that is no such thing more perfect then God’s will in our lives.
Then I feel peaceful again.



Taj Acosta said...

Yes very true, God's will for our lives is so perfect and there is peace in the soft place of His gentle touch. How long have you been married? xo