Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun weekend!

This weekend was very good! It was different with some little adventures I was looking for for months. I had classes, as usual and it was interesting because, for the first time, I can see a cooperative work been developed. My classmates were a little closed on the first beginning, but now things are changing and I’m enjoying being there.
My test was ok, by the way. I’m expecting to see my grade in a couple of weeks.

On Friday, my husband and I went to a very nice bar and I ate crabs… I was dying for it! And the best part of it was that I felt a little irresponsible going out on Friday because I had classes on Saturday very early. It was fun!

Saturday was a really crazy day. I went to classes 8 am and stayed there until midday. Then I went to a food fair when I usually go to hear some music and eat, obviously. I love when I have the opportunity to have lunch with Mateus, this isn’t a frequently event. Then, back to the university I took the Ethical test. I got finished 2 hours earlier, so I decided to walk a little and found a very sympathetic book store. I did an awesome shopping.

These are my tree brand new books (yay):

When I got home, I just have time to a quick shower and we went to a friends’ marriage. It was a beautiful ceremony and they were so happy! I missed my big day! (:
After that, we had dinner with mom and dad. It was very good all so talkative!  

We left because Mateus received a call. It leaded us to a bar to rescue a friend in a bad social situation. He was totally drunk so we decided to take him to our house and take care of him that night. The other day, he couldn’t tell anything that happened. Mateus and I laugh a lot about how he was confused. He is that kind of funny drunk people, but I really hope he stops doing it.

Sunday, we had friends and kids at home. I was so tired that I was not able to be present and alert all the time, but even though it was nice to receive them. After all, we had a couple of hours to spend with each other. We saw a Mentalist episode and went bad, completely exhausted.

It was a big weekend or not?!
How about yours?

Have a blessed week!