Friday, December 09, 2011

Top 10: Photography Love


1- Canon Equipment

I use Canon to photograph for 5 years now and I Love my equipment. I tried Nikon a little bit and I know it’s an excellent brand as well, but I got used to the simplicity of Canon commands and is cheaper then Nikon. (I recommend Amazon to look at prices)

2- Lomography: La Sardina
 The Idea of get back to basics and accept the distortions as a form of art is why I’m dying to try a Lomo, like La Sardina ( pretty 35mm) . And the price is quite accessible. Here’s where you can get one!

3- Ona Camera Bags & Jo Totes

Ona Camera and Jo Totes are lovely and famine brands of bags for cameras. Because, sometimes we just don’t want to go out carrying an ugly backpack. (You can check it here and here).

4- Scrapbook

It’s one of the prettiest ways of take a good care of your pictures.  I put some hours looking for supplies at often. I really don’t know if there is another good site to buy supplies on the internet. The project above is from Tara Anderson, one of my favorite artists! She’s so inspiring!

5- Old School Polaroids

Most of photography lovers who lived the 80’s have a especial crush for the Polaroid One Step. After “The Impossible Project”, the flame became a fire! They really adorable!

6- Lightroom

I love this Adobe software. You can work with the light, brightness and contrast in a artistic and different way from Photoshop or Fireworks. Lightroom is great to organize your albums as well! More about it here.

7- Flickr

Flickr is the bigger photos repository of the web. Is easy to use, for free, and full of pretty pictures!

8- Family Albums

I adore family albums. Is a tradition I think everybody should adopt, even if your family is you and your puppy! I take so many pictures of my lovely ones, but never print it. Is one of my new years eve projects! If you think you lose the perfect moments because you’re without your camera, you can do like Elsie, from A Beautiful Mess. She did this album using cell phone pictures (hello instagram addicteds)!

9- New School Polaroids (PoGo)

If you’re high tech or have no talent to search for supplies to your analogical Polaroid, you can try this instant mobile printer and do a lovely family album!

 10- “The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression”

It’s the new version of the classical The Art of Photography (originally published in 1994). It’s a valuable collection of tips and “how to” techniques, useful for all kinds of photographers. The author is Bruce Barnbaum and the book is available on Amazon!